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Scanthing has been re-launched into a powerful scanning application with intuitive workflow module designed to minimize the number of clicks you need to make. You never need to use your clumsy office printer again for that scanning task. Scanthing extracts text from pictures and documents and allows you to search for them by keywords on your phone using advanced OCR technology that resides on your phone. It supports image cleaning and conversion to PDF, including creating keyword searchable PDFs from your image. Our new ‘fast forward’ button allows you to perform multiple actions that you repeat often in just one click. It's the only Document Scanner you need. Scanthing supports OCR in 62 languages but is heavily optimised for English. As Mentioned on USA Today - http://goo.gl/P9CLPu**** 1 DAY REFUND POLICY *****If you are unhappy please email us before leaving a review with your email address and transaction id and we will refund you as long as you brought the app in last 24 hours.****************************************Full Feature List:* Capture your image using our dedicated camera, your mobile’s own camera or an existing image from your gallery. Rotate and crop the text you want to extract.* Then extract the text using our powerful local OCR that runs in the background so you can carry on using your phone.* Use the configurable ‘Fast Forward’ button to perform multiple tasks in just one click. For example, in one click you take a picture, extract text from that picture, create a printer friendly PDF version of your document, and attach that document to an email. Yes all this in just one click.* Create a print friendly version of your image using our image cleaning feature. * Create a PDF of the extracted text, or, a searchable PDF from your image. * Using a Text-To-Speech Engine of your choice (we recommend IVONA) you can play back the text, sentence by sentence directly through Scanthing.* Scanthing will automatically recognize and extract contact information, such as Telephone Numbers, Web URLs and Email Addresses.* Works with all printed typefaces, but please note it will not be able to read your handwriting.* Use with Google Translate on your phone to convert from one of the many languages we support to another.* After Scan, search for your documents by just using a few keywords. * Share image or extracted text by Email, Dropbox, Evernote, GoogleTranslate and other apps.* Add more images to existing documents, see documents by thumbnails.* Support for 62 languages, just set your default version in the settings.* The app itself has been translated to German, French, Spanish andRussian for the benefit or users in those countries. OCR Languages Supported:EnglishUkrainianTurkishThaiTagalogTeluguTamilSwedishSwahiliSerbianAlbanianSpanishSlovenianSlovakianRomanianPortuguesePolishNorwegianDutchMalayMalteseMacedonianMalayalamLithuanianLatvianKoreanKannadaItalianIcelandicIndonesianCherokeeHungarianCroatianHindiHebrewGalicianFrankishFrenchFinnishBasqueEstonianMathEsperantoGreekGermanDanishCzechCatalanBulgarianBengaliBelarusianAzerbaijaniArabicAfrikaansJapaneseChinese (Simplified)Chinese (Traditional)Ancient GreekRussianVietnameseGujaratiGerman Fraktur

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