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Unlimited fun guaranteed!!!!!!!Rajni Baby Clock is not just any clock… It's THE clock for all kollywood and Superstar Rajnikanth's fans - a must have for all the diehards out there…..As a utility, this app displays the current time in a typical digital clock's font style at a visible size and when tapped announces the time. And its not just anybody's voice that announces the time - it's Rajni Baby's!!!For the uninitiated, Rajni baby is the darling son of Palli Pakkrichaami, a kollywood movie rental store owner and Silly Sunanda, an incorrigible Rajni Movie addict. The story goes that when the baby was still in her womb, Silly watched Rajni movies through day and night, except every now and then when her husband Palli tapped her to know the time (The only clock they seemed to have had was the digital one displayed by the VCR!). And hence was born Rajni baby, who bore a strong resemblance to the great Superstar and even shared his voice!Apart from the fun factor, this app will be useful:* when you predominantly use your mobile to check the time rather than a watch or a clock* when your device is stuck up in your trouser pocket and you are unable to get up quickly, but you still want to check the time* when you are in a meeting with your bluetooth device on, and you want to check the time without making it obvious that your are (and grab a little giggle to wake you up!)* when you wake up in the middle of the night to find out the time and you are too sleepy to handle the mobile* or when you simply want to see the time :-)Tips on using this app:* Before slipping your mobile into your pocket, open this application and leave it on the clock/talk screen.* When you want to check out the time, you don't need to pull your phone out and see it anymore - just tap the screen and the phone speaks out the time!* Adjust volume by using the ringer volume control of the devicePlease send your feedback to aroonpa.feedback@gmail.comWatch out for more features and updates!Keywords: clock, voice, time, tap, aroonpa, mime, digital, talk, visually challenged, talker, voice-over, rajni, rajnikanth, kollywood, movie, movies, tamil, superstar, thalaivar, baby, rajini, rajinikanth, endhiran, basha

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