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Pongal live wallpaper : Pongal live wallpaper is perfectly novel, which suites best for your Android mobile. Download for free. Enjoy the scenary of sky fully flooded with flying kites / patang /patangi. Wish your own color and shape of kites like red bird, GWbird, eagle, green, black, greenred, merun, red, yellow and all at once by selecting random. Features : ♡ 8 Amazing background images ♡ Beautiful flying kites in the sky ♡ Small and Simple time pass game, Touch the flying kites to disappear ♡ high quality live wallpaper drains very less battery ♡ easy-to-use and install Installation instructions : Home - menu - wallpaper - live wallpaper - Pongal live wallpaper. Pongal sets the pace for a series of festivals to follow in a calendar year. In fact, four festivals are celebrated for four consecutive days in that week. 'Bogi' is celebrated on January 13, 'Pongal' on Jan 14, 'Maattuppongal' on Jan 15, and 'Thiruvalluvar Day' on Jan 16. A festival called Jalli kathu is held in Madurai, Tiruchirapalli and Tanjavur,all in Tamil Nadu, on this day. The festival is celebrated for four days. On, the first day, Bhogi, the old clothes and materials are thrown away and fired, marking the beginning of a new life. The second day, the Pongal day, is celebrated by boiling fresh milk early in the morning and allowing it to boil over the vessel - a tradition that is the literal translation for Pongal. People also prepare savories and sweets, visit each other's homes, and exchange greetings. The third day, Mattu Pongal, is meant to offer thanks to the cows and buffaloes, as they are used to plough the lands. On the last day, Kanum Pongal, people go out to picnic. Common names for kites around the world. Maybe you can discover the meaning or the ideas behind some more of these words that people have used to describe our flying machines. Afrikaans (South Africa) - Vlieers, Belgian - Plakwaaier, Chinese - Fung jung, Dutch - Vlieger, English - Kite, Estonian - Lohe, Finnish - Leija, French - Cerf volant, German - Drachen, Indonesia - Layang-layang, India - patang or patangi, Italian - Aquilone, Japanese - Tako, Korean - Youn , Mexican - Papalote , Norwegian & Danish - Drage , Portuguese - Pipas , Philippines - Saranggola , Russian - Letuchij zmeij , Serbo-Croat - Zmaj, Spanish - Cometas , Swedish - Drake , Thai - Wau. For questions, comments, ideas and suggestions we are always waiting, please contact, mail id : prakashgundu1@gmail.com Ads are the life of free live wallpapers, they boost us to create more free live wallpapers, please cooperate. Share it with your friends on Facebook and Twitter. Thank you. Last but not least: HAPPY PONGAL/SANKRANTI/RANGOLI.

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