About appsUlagam

APPs Ulagam

appsUlagam is a tamil based mobile app discovery application. Here you can discover various categories of Android Apps concentrated on tamil language related content.

You can find the latest entertainment news related apps, Tamil Comic books, Tamil Short Stories, Tamil based Business Apps, Tamil Politics etc.,

Is appsUlagam an app store ?:

No. appsUlagam is not an android app store. It is an app discovery site to discover the greatest tamil apps. There are more than 5000 apps in Google Play Store with the word Tamil in it. We have filtered the unrelated apps and categorized the remaining apps in a much more meaningful / useful way.

Google had categorized the apps at more higher level while in appsUlagam, we have classified at a more granular level.

Is appsUlagam complete ?:

We have just started. We are refining the contents as we add more data and still lot more to be done. Hope you like in what we are doing and provide more feedback.

Collection of all the tamil language based mobile apps.